Taddy is back in California and ready to take on the X-Games. With a gold medal plus championship points up for grabs he just can’t wait to get started…

It’s looking like another crazy visit to the States. Last night there was the movie premiere of 3D Nitro Circus in Hollywood and on Sunday it’s EnduroCross at the X-Games.

I have a very short time now to do some testing with the KTM team at their base here in California before returning to LA for the race. It’s tough to fit everything into such a packed schedule.

Last year I won the EnduroCross race at X-Games so I’m happy to have that gold medal in my collection already. This is definitely something that takes a little bit of pressure off my back. It’s also important to remember that the X-Games race is part of the championship season so I’m going there to pick up points.

The long-term goal is to retain the EnduroCross championship this season so that keeps me focused on points. However, this is X-Games and that makes the race very special. When we get to the Staples Centre in LA I’ll be going out to win a second gold medal.

I’m very motivated to do well at this event and I’ll be pushing myself to the limit inside the arena. I’m focused on both things; winning the medal and also scoring points for the championship.

I’ve seen a picture of the course and it looks insane. They have got us starting off a ramp this time and that is not normal for EnduroCross competition. After seeing that I’ve been practicing a downhill start and the lack of traction could be tricky.

The X-Games gives me a chance to put on a show in front of a massive audience. It’s great that all my friends and family in Europe can watch the race on television. That’s one of the best things about being involved in X-Games, fans all over the world get to tune in and see this race.

I’m feeling in good shape ahead of the race and looking forward to what I think will be an exciting contest.

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