In this week’s Red Bull Gaming Blog, Glen Ferris gets to grips with Lollipop Chainsaw and has some news about I Am PLAYR and a new Call Of Duty release…

Lollipop Chainsaw – Review

Playing like some particularly twisted Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan fiction, infused as it is with lashings of grand guignol gore and gratuitous near-nudity, the latest release from Killer7 and No More Heroes creator Suda51 is genre gaming at its very best.

At once a loving homage and a cheeky subversion of horror conventions, this intentionally OTT effort finds our scantily clad heroine Juliet Starling grabbing her blinged-up chainsaw and embarking on the definite destruction of her zombified former San Romero High School classmates.

As you’d expect from a game that embraces such slasher tropes, it’s about as politically incorrect as you can get (take, for example, the filthy-minded camera system which spends far too much time lingering on Juliet’s derriere... Classy!). But, thanks to an excellent script by Slither and Super writer/director James Gunn, Ms. Starling is much more than a short-skirted cypher - rather surprisingly she’s a character with real depth, humour and charm.

If you can set your irony filter to its highest level then, the sexist behaviour thankfully runs second fiddle to the excellent gameplay. Reminiscent of No More Heroes and its ilk, Lollipop Chainsaw sets aside realism in favour of outré combos where the intention is to take out the unusually verbal undead by any means necessary (you can even use your pompoms!) as you aim to increase your 'sparkle hunting' upgrade bonuses.

Although some parts of the game suffer from a lack of love lavished, Juliet always looks ace. Her animation is super-polished and the list of potential moves (with or without the titular weapon of choice) is longer than her list of admirers (dead and alive). Without a doubt the star of the show, she’s a character who you’ll love spending time with and would happily welcome back for future sequels. The same can also be said for the insane supporting cast – from the zombie hordes to the evil punk rockers who bring about the brain-munching plague.

If this all sounds like a perfect package, it’s not quite. There are myriad bugs, combos can be incredibly difficult to pull off, animation can be sketchy and the overall tone could be offensive to those of a delicate disposition, but you get the feeling that’s it's all kind of intentional as the game’s lack of polish goes some way to enhancing the Grindhouse feel. Yes, it’s schlock of the highest order but sometimes that’s exactly what you want from a game.


Byte-Sized News

  • The interactive social football game I AM PLAYR has signed up some very big names to test your mettle. Now England Captain Steven Gerrard and fellow Premier League talent Jamie Carragher, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson are on hand in the all-new Challenge Zone – a place where you are called upon to strike targets as they move across the training ground wall.

    “It takes I AM PLAYR to the next level by giving users the unique chance to test their skills against some of the game’s biggest football heroes,” said Oli Madgett, Co-Founder of We R Interactive. “Over the coming months I AM PLAYR users will see the players featured in further exciting integrations.”

    Take a look at the new gameplay trailer…


  • It seems there are so many Call Of Duty games in the offing that Activision have had to call in a new studio to help out. Neversoft, better known as the creators of the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk franchises, have indicated they’re working on a new COD game.

    Despite having no previous experience of making first-person shooters and following on from the studio’s near collapse in 2010, Neversoft’s employment on the series is surprising to say the least, but with Treyarch putting the finishing touches to this year’s Black Ops II and Infinity Ward in the early stages of the next generation entry in the franchise it seems Activision are willing to take a punt.

    There’s no official word on what Neversoft’s game will be (although there’s word that they’re making Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita or a rumoured Wii U version of Black Ops II) but their involvement puts paid to any whispers that this gaming juggernaut is starting to lose momentum.


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