Let us take you to the coast of death in the company of seven gorgeous and speed addicted ladies. With this episode the longboard roadtrip Endless Roads comes to an end. But every end is a new beginning.

Seven female longboarders, one van, 15 days, 4,300km of Spanish roads, 416 GB of raw material, one film, divided into four chapters.

Endless Roads documents the adventure of a fresh minded trip. Film maker Juan Rayos portrays the heroines, their lifestyle and their passion for longboard in an inventive, unobtrusive, fly-on-the-wall way.

The last chapter of Endless Roads takes us up north to Galicia's Costa da Morte (coast of death), which was given its name in 1920 for its treacherous rocky shores, sharp cliffs, battered by apocalyptic storms. Our heroines are awaited by a land of massive green landscapes, filled with legends and tradition. The Art Surf Camp in Razo receives us, and we later join A Coruña local skaters for a day of cruising.




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