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Red Bull New York footballers Seth Stammler (pictured) and Jeremy Hall took time out of their festive schedules before Christmas to pay a special visit to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The pair began their five-day visit to the two countries, which share the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, some 1,500 miles (2,500km) from New York, with two soccer clinics in conjunction with Red Bull Dominica’s ‘Under My Wing’ programme for young people in Santo Domingo.

Then Stammler and Hall headed to neighbouring Haiti to award 49 lucky children with academic scholarships provided by the Sporting Chance Foundation in a ceremony at L’Ecole Classique et Professionalle Ste Marie in Port-au-Prince. The duo then met some of the successful students already in the scheme at some of the advanced schools in the capital.

This was followed by a trip to see the well paid for by US$100,000 in donations during a long charitable effort by midfielder Stammler – 65 per cent of Haitians have no access to clean water or electricity supplies.

'It's great to know that Sporting Chance Foundation and the New York Red Bulls have been able to work together and make a difference' – Seth Stammler

Stammler, founder of the Sporting Chance Foundation (separate from the similar organisation of the same name in the UK and the Sporting Chance Clinic set up by Arsenal footballer Tony Adams to help sporting professionals cope with personal issues) was delighted to see the results of what has been a concerted campaign to bring improvement to the lives of Haitians.

“I am very excited to return to Haiti after three years," said Stammler. "Thanks to the donations of team-mates, Red Bulls fans and other individuals, I will have the chance to report back on the work that has been done for the people of Haiti. It's great to know that Sporting Chance Foundation and the New York Red Bulls have been able to work together and make a difference."

It’s little wonder that Stammler has been awarded the Red Bull’s ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ award three times during his six-year stay at the club…

For more on the SCF, go to www.sportingchancefoundation.org


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