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In preparation for MacAskill Conquers – a one-hour Danny-dedicated documentary which airs on on Sunday at 8.00pm (CET) – wheels off some vital statistics about the Scottish street trials pro rider...



We all start somewhere… Growing up on the Isle of Skye off the Scottish mainland, the 25-year-old spent much of his youth honing the skills that would later make him a world star. “The first big trick I learnt was trying to drop a three-foot water tank on my Raleigh Burner. I landed it as well! I felt like E.T.!” And, just like E.T., Danny MacAskill didn’t forget his roots, eventually finding his Way Back Home (we assume he phoned first).



But before Way Back Home was another MacAskill milestone. On April 19, 2009, the then relatively unknown 23-year-old released a five-and-a-half-minute street trials video on YouTube, soundtracked by Band of Horses' The Funeral, that was to change his life. Filmed by his flat-mate Dave Sowerby, the video features tricks and stunts performed by MacAskill.



The time it took in minutes and seconds for Danny MacAskill to make his Way Back Home. Charting Danny's journey from his Edinburgh abode to his home town of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, the clip was filmed and directed once again by friend Dave Sowerby.



It goes without saying that MacAskill is very particular about which bike he rides. His craft of choice is a 24" Inspired Hex, preferring that to the 26" version. “I ride 24" because they're stronger.”



That’s how many views MacAskill's videos have racked up on YouTube... Tune in to this Sunday for the next instalment of trail bike trickery...


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