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Is it a French thing? Or does he just have a knack for bouncy basslines? Whatever it is, 26-year-old Gonzales has found a way to tap into his inner teenager without sounding prematurely nostalgic.

For his first two albums, 2001's At The Party and Before The Dawn Heals Us, M83's Anthony Gonzales piled Tangerine Dreamy synths on top of shoegazing guitars (with ample helpings of reverb) to create an updated soundtrack to Teen Angst as previously practiced by bands like The Cure.

Beneath the wash of sound, it seemed, lurked memories of a youth spent on the dark side of the moon. His third album, however, is as close to a party record as he's gotten so far. And it's called Saturday=Youth for 'Saturday is definitely the coolest day of the week for a teenager and that's the reason Saturday is in the title.'

Anthony Gonzales sounds like he really enjoyed being a teenager, discovering parties, drugs and music. And, if tracks like Graveyard Girl are anything to go by, even the dark times had a certain glamour to them. Perhaps now he is more at ease with being cheerfully melancholic.

Anthony is also responsible for the soundtrack of the upcoming snowboard film The Art of Flight and on his homepage, M83 announces a fall tour of North America. Go check him out.

Listen to a live set by M83 recorded at Oxegen 2009 in Punchestown, Ireland, on Red Bull Music Academy Radio:



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