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Austrian snowboard pro Marc "Switch-Up" Swoboda is visiting a snow-bound Helsinki in Finland where he’s shooting a movie with a few of his idols.


I’ve been in Helsinki for more than two weeks now where we’ve had record snowfall. It hasn’t snowed this much in Finland’s capital for over 50 years – at least that’s what people keep telling me! Before I caught my plane from Vienna, I got some bad news: my Red Bull snowboarding buddy Eero Ettala had ruptured his cruciate ligament – and we had been scheduled to appear in the new Nitro movie together. Bad luck... But when I got to Finland I met up with him and went with him to his operation.


Under the Knife from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

So, I had to come up with a new plan, but before I knew it I got roped into filming and photographing with the group who usually snowboards with Eero: Lauri Heiskari, Keiki Sorsa and Fredu Sirvio. They’re all heroes of mine since I’ve seen them in legendary video parts. Man, was I stoked!

Elbow Session from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

A week later, The Roadrunners crew (Nitro-rookies Dominik Wagner, Basti Rittig and Benny Urban turned up bringing Joseph (The Love Boss) Scholler with them as their special guest. I’ve been hanging with them ever since. I almost forgot to mention the presence of another ladies man and film maker, Clemens Prankl. We all drove to a nearby spot that’s only known to the Finns where we’ve spent the last three days trying to get some stuff on film. Wish us luck!

And to play you out, check out my clip from the film Loveolution from TWsnow:

marc swoboda full part loveolution II from marc swoboda on Vimeo.



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