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"It's so sweet when all the puzzle parts are put together," says musician and producer Amp Fiddler. Get to know this hard-working music-maker's story here.

For Joseph 'Amp' Fiddler, it's been a lifelong journey of musical discoveries. After starting out in the group Enchantment, circa 1982, he became rather more spellbound with the music of Parliament and Funkadelic. Thanks to his hard work and determination, it was only two years before George Clinton took him on as a band member.

Having achieved this goal, Fiddler surveyed the tones and textures of electronic dance by working with artists as diverse as Maxwell, Jay Dee, Prince, J Dilla, Q-Tip and Moodymann. These collaborations came out of a simple desire to help his peers fulfill their dreams and, in turn, gave him the knowledge he needed to succeed in his own career. Most recently, he worked with musical heroes such as drum 'n' bass heavyweights Sly & Robbie on a collaborative longplayer.

“I consider myself an artist first because, being from Motown, I've always been impressed by the history. I'm a Motown singer in a sense, but I also create. This label deal gave me the opportunity to do something that I wasn't doing before, which was electronic music in the sense of dance music, as opposed to me doing soul or hip-hop. Most of my friends, they didn't really like dance music. They see it as some kind of "gay house music" entity for whatever reason. They are sitting in a one-dimensional matrix in a sense. They don't see the world, they just see the neighborhood, they want to hear some [imitates his 'sophisticated' friends] smooth jazz and really cool music. Anything outside of that is kind of weird for them. I'm going past that.”

Plug into the pure source of Amp Fiddler’s musical references in this fireside chat at Red Bull Music Academy Radio:



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