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Oh Canada! DJ Shub makes light work of the competition

dj_shub_profile.jpg Red Bull Thre3styles World Final: Preliminary round 3

Last night's Thre3style preliminary round was hectic than ever as five DJs jostled for a space at this weekend's World Finals.

First up was Brazil's Nedu Lopes, no stranger to Thre3style having competed at international level THREE times.

He impressed the judges and crowd with his impeccable mixing, stealing basslines and easing them beneath popular accapellas. He took the piano from Snoop and Dre's Next Episode and expertly introduced it to Mary J Blige, before bringing in the inmitible horns of Pharaoahe Monch and Fat Joe's verse from What's Love. 

nullBrazil: Nedu Lopes

After this, the steely-gazed Brazilian took things up a notch, bringing ODB, Daft Punk and Kelis in to the mix. If there was an award for the competitor who got the gorgeous Red Bull Wings Girls dancing the most, it would have been handed to Nedu Lopes immediately!

Following a rockier segment, Nedu steered the crowd to a final blast of Moonbahtom before upping the tempo and releasing some stomping beats. The crowd were clearly delighted by the journey that he had taken them on - from its slow start to its enormous ending, they enjoyed every minute.

The Thre3style spotlight then passed from one continent to another as Polish champion DJ Kostek took his place on stage. Opening with a trancey track, it seemed as though it would be fifteen minutes of Eurotrash... until he dropped in Swedish House Mafia and a remix of DJ Fresh's Louder.

 nullPoland: DJ Kostek

He moved the feeling from singalong to fist-pumping - and something in between - with his working of Arethra Franklin's Respect and the Lil Jon and Sean Paul smash, Shots. Could he have been advising the audience about practising a certain level of restraint at the bar?

The fun loving DJ was dancing behind the decks, a black vest showing off a physique clearly honed by cutting serious shapes on the dancelfoor. He shouted out to the crowd, and they responded, creating a real party atmosphere.

Things got crazy when he dropped Die Antwoord's I think your Freeky, and even more so when he began frantically drumming in the style of a double kick pedal on the record. Sadly, his fifteen minutes came all too soon, but not before he had played a drum and bass remix of Laidback Luke's rework of Show Me Love.

The middle performance came from Canada's DJ Shub. His introduction video warned the crowd that he was going to destroy the competition... but then he struggled to get the mixer to work! Luckily, fellow countryman Skratch Bastid hopped down from the judge's platform to help him get it fixed, and then he was able to truly begin.  

nullDJ Shub thrilled the crowd

Perhaps his frustration at not being able to start immediately fed in to his set, for what he played was truly ferocious. Jungle, ragga, and elements of bashment littered his set - all that were missing was an airhorn sample and for the crowd to take off their shirts and swing them around their heads.

He moved on to a more techno framework, before dropping a slew of West Coast rap anthems from Snoop, Dr. Dre and Tupac. Then, the best sample of the week, a voicemail from the ledgendary DJ Craze, who warned the Thre3style DJs of Shub's ability to destroy them.

And destroy them he did. As he ended his set with a Nirvana and Jay-Z/Kanye medley, there was no doubt in Reggie's that something special had just happened - and when he was later crowned winner of the heat, people immediately began to chatter about what magic they will see him bring to Saturday night's World Final. 

nullNew Zealand: DJ Scizzorhands

New Zealand's DJ Scizzorhands was up next. Funky, energetic and positive, he played a string of funk and soul anthems that had everyone dancing and clapping. There wasn't a still toe in the house!

He fast forwarded to the modern day with Azaelia Bank's 212, and then gave a nod to his ex-skateboard roots with a welcome dose of Smashing Pumpkins, who hail from Chi-town.

The tributes didn't end there either, he put his scratching skills to good use to send a message to fallen Beastie Boy MCA, a gesture that the crowd definitely appreciated.

The fifth DJ to show off his talent was Bolivia's DJ BMAU. Smiling from ear to ear, he began his set with a hefty dose of marching drums, and then introduced himself with Martin Solveig's Hello.


nullBolivia: DJ BMAU

He rarely veered away from galloping basslines until he dropped Bob Marley's Jammin'. But, to make sure that the crowd didn't lose too much of their pent up excitement and energy, he dropped Knife Party's Internet Friends, which resulted in at least 80 per cent of the club's attendees giving their best screw face as the metallic bass tore through the club.

There were feel good factors too, especially when he played Coldplay and Nirvana - sometimes the best party is one you're able to sing at.

Skratch Bastid entertained the crowds in the hour before the winner was announced, and Z-Trip picked up where he left off. If you weren't there then know this - Jazzy Jeff, Skratch and Z-Trip got stuck in to a three way mixathon - Thre3style history was made.

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