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The reincarnation of an historic relay race takes place this weekend for the third time when Red Bull Jungfrau Stafette kicks off in Switzerland.

The relay race combines classic motoring and aerial sports together with modern outdoor disciplines and in a change from the previous two renewals of the event, the race has a new course for 2010 and two new disciplines.

Teams must use a variety of ways to get from A to B, which in 2010 means that the modes of transport are: cycling, aviation, car and motorcycle racing, skiing, glacier and alpine running, paragliding, downhill mountain biking, kayaking, swimming, cross country bike and cross running.

This year, swimming and cross country biking have been added to the race, which begins in the Swiss midlands before leading through the Alps at an altitude of around 4000 metres, over glaciers and peaks and back to Zurich.

A maximum of 50 teams of 12 to 14 members can take part in Red Bull Jungfrau Stafette and in total there are 14 stages in the race.

The race begins at 7am Swiss time and concludes at 6pm and for more information, head over to Red Bull Jungfrau


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