Our Aussie Takes On A Gritty Drive


Mark Webber started his Abu Dhabi weekend in local style today - taking driving tips from an instructor on a desert safari.

After watching the instructor power the Nissan 4x4 over some seriously tricky sand dunes, our very own Assie Grit took to the wheel himself, tackling some slightly softer,  but no less granular drifts.

The action finished at a desert camp, complete with traditional tents, where Mark had a camel ride and came up close and personal with a falcon!

Mark said of the adventure: "Driving in the desert was a new experience for me, driving on the soft sand dunes - I haven't done it before. I'd driven four-wheel drives on the beach, but not in dunes like this. They’re really soft on the top and it's also hard to see in such a big car. The trucks have a lot of power and you need that, as it's quite boggy. It's enjoyable to use all the power, and you have to change the tyre pressures too, so it was a good experience. It's nice to be back in Abu Dhabi - I like it here. The twilight aspect of the race here is exciting, starting in the day and finishing at night. As a spectacle, it looks great on TV and I’m looking forward to it."

So are we.

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