Dani Sordo 2406 Rally star and all-round good guy Dani Sordo © BMW Motorsport

Dani Sordo is MINI’s lead driver on the World Rally Championship this year and personally backed by Red Bull. But rallying aside, we wanted to get to know the Spaniard a little better so we asked Dani who he would want to invite to a (distinctly crowded) dinner party, and why

Keeping it in the family...

“Well, to be honest I’d ask some of my friends. I spend so little time at home that I really like to spend my time with people who have known me all my life. So I’d have lots of them – because they might also enjoy meeting some of the other people I would invite.”


nullFernando Alonso wins the 2012 European GP - his second win on home soil © Ferrari

Fernando Alonso

“Maybe it’s a little predictable, but I think we have a lot in common and he’s a pretty funny guy. I’d like to invite Rafael Nadal too. I love watching tennis and they both speak Spanish so it would make things easier.”



nullDani Sordo and his Mini Cooper team-mate Kris Meeke © BMW Motorsport

Kris Meeke

“Kris is my team mate in MINI and I’d ask him too as we’ve known each other for a long time, he is a good laugh, and he doesn’t get out much these days…”



nullXabi Alonso in action for Spain © Getty Images

The Spanish national football team

“I know they are a bit busy now, but I hope they would come. The French may be winning this rally but I think Spain will win the Euro Cup! I hope so anyway”

The obligatory feminine touch

“Hmmm…I suppose I should invite some women; so far it’s just guys. Maybe only one woman though as more than one is a handful. And anyway I would prefer to have her to myself…”

What's for dinner?

“Well, I can cook a quite good pasta and chicken dish. But on second thoughts maybe I wouldn’t cook anything, as I prefer to watch my mother do it. She makes a really good paella, and as she would be coming to my dinner party anyway she may as well cook. Or maybe we could just order a takeaway?”


nullDani Sordo in action in the Mini Cooper © BMW Motorsport

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