Kuba Przygonski

It was a second day of frustration for Kuba Przygonski at the Sardinia Rally Race as the Team Orlen rider slipped back in the standings.


Kuba came to Sardinia hoping to improve his position of third place in the 2012 Cross-Country Rallies World Championship. However, two days of misfortune leave Kuba fighting to maintain his overall ranking by the time the dust settles in Sardinia.

Kuba was determined to improve his ninth place finish on the first day of the Sardinia Rally Race but when day two got started things quickly went from bad to worse. Early in the stage Kuba suffered from technical failure on the bike before a few wrong turns saw him lose his way and even more time on the leaders.

By the end of the stage Kuba had slipped back to 12th place in the Rally and over 28 minutes behind race leader Jordi Villadoms.

“Today’s stage was very difficult for me. I had some technical problems with the bike losing power at times. On the second part of the day I really wanted to catch up. This feeling made me ride distracted and I ended up making a few errors in my navigation. However, this is a long rally with plenty of distance still to cover so I hope I can improve my position in the standings by the time we reach the end.”




While Kuba still hopes to challenge for the big prize at the Sardinia Rally Race there is also plenty of other interest for Team Orlen on the island. Team captain Jacek Czachor and also Marek Dabrowski are racing in the Open Trophy category.


Jacek shot up to fourth place in the Open Trophy after a fast ride on the second stage of the Rally.

“There is a group of three Italians who are ahead of me in the standings and those guys are going really fast. I’m doing my best to keep pace with them and then take advantage of any mistakes that they make. The route today was extremely difficult because it was so technical. This meant it was physically exhausting to travel at very low speeds and the heat was also a big challenge.”

Jacek’s team-mate Marek Dabrowski also improved his position in the Open Trophy class on the second day of the Rally, moving up to seventh place.

“Today’s stage was really tough to navigate. The trail was winding this way and that so it was hard to follow. I was riding with a couple of other riders and we all led each other astray at different times during the day.”

Team Orlen will be hoping they have plenty more to cheer about on the final stages of the Sardinia Rally Race


Overall times after Day Two of Sardinia Rally Race

1. J.VILADOMS - KTM - 5:59'10.07

2. M.COMA - KTM +5'29.15

3. A.BOTTURI - KTM + 6'00.78

4. H.RODRIGUEZ - Yamaha + 6'09.50

5. G.FARRES GUELL - KTM + 6'45.45

6. P.GONCALVES - Husqvarna + 9'29.97

7. P.CECI - KTM + 9'50.61

8. R.FARIA - KTM + 10'40.82

9. S.PETERHANSEL - Yamaha + 12'42.31

10. J.PEDRERO -  KTM + 14'20.48

11. M.LUCCHESE - Husaberg + 15'26.70

12. J.PRZYGONSKI - Ktm + 26'28.59

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