Sebastien Loeb Rally champion Sebastien Loeb has won the Rally Argentina every year since 2005 © McKlein for Citroen

The Rally Argentina has provided Sebastien Loeb with prime hunting ground, but the Frenchman hit a rare bit of trouble back in 2005 (or is that medium rare?) in the shape of a hapless cow. The world champion reveals all... 

Sebastien Loeb – who has won Rally Argentina for the last six times – is a man who prefers Red Bull t than dead bull. But the Argetine beef herds were very nearly reduced by one when Sebastien was en route to his first victory on the event in 2005.

On stage seven, La Cumbre, Loeb was driving down a fast and flowing section when he unexpectedly came across a cow standing in the middle of the road.   


“I think he had been eating the grass that was at the side of the road,” said Loeb. “But I had absolutely nowhere to go, so we just had to improvise. It was really quick.”

Co-driver Daniel Elena takes up the story: “I had my head down reading the notes so the first I knew that something was wrong was when Sebastien suddenly said ‘Putain!’ [‘oh shit!’] Then I looked up and saw the cow right in front of us, not moving.

"Sebastien braked and went off the road to the left, trying to squeeze past it, and we just hit its head with the bumper on my side of the car, but there was much less damage than I expected. In fact we were doubly lucky, because where we went off the road there was a rock that we hit with the left-front wheel, again without any big damage.

"So it was definitely a big escape, thanks to some fantastic driving from Sebastien as well.”

It was also the cow’s lucky day. While Sebastien and Daniel didn’t really have the time to hang around and check on how the cow was doing, none of the following cars reported any homemade beefburgers on the road – so we can assume that the cow walked away (albeit with the mother of all headaches).

Watch the bovine antics of the most successful WRC crew in history:


But it could have been worse. This is what happened when Argentine driver Federico Villagra discovered what ‘horse power’ really means while competing on a national event at home.


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