Josef Ajram © SebasRomero / Josef Ajram resting up after Red Bull 7 Islands

He may have ended up in hospital this time around but Red Bull triathlete Josef Ajram is still determined to conquer his self-imposed Red Bull 7 Islands challenge.

Josef Ajram's attempt to complete seven iron man events in seven days on seven different Canary Islands – that's a staggering 28km in the water, 1,260km on a bike and 294km on foot – came unstuck on day two after a severe case of heatstroke.

The Catalan athlete had been on his bike for 45 minutes, after a morning swim of 3.82 miles, when the 38-degree heat and hot, dusty, Saharan air finished him off on La Gomera. As a precaution, the medical team took him to Nuestra Senora de Gaudalupe hospital for a checkup and he was diagnosed with severe dehydration, muscle destruction and heat stroke.

Josef left hospital a few hours later and after rueing his misfortune overnight, he had this determined message:

“I'm disappointed as I didn’t achieve my goal, but it is possible to achieve and we must try again. I don’t think I gave 100 per cent. There were many external factors for that."

The steely-eyed Spaniard cited a heat wave over the archipelago and an unexpected dust cloud among these factors. Six days before travelling to the islands Josef was also at the Saharan Titan Desert event, which he admits probably didn't help.

“Maybe the six days between one event and the other were not enough to recover. But I think it’s possible to achieve our goal and after a reasonable time to recover, we have to try again. We have learned many things this time. Mainly, I’ll have to start fully rested and well hydrated to avoid any nasty surprises.”

The message is clear: he'll be back.

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