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Pavel Petkuns was crowned the king of Santorini as he claimed victory at Red Bull Art of Motion. The competition for elite freerunning and parkour athletes took place over the whitewashed stone roofs of the Greek Island.

Latvia’s Pavel Petkuns gave himself the perfect 20th birthday present as he beat the 20 best freerunning and parkour athletes in the world. A crowd of 2,500 crammed into the narrow streets of Santorini to watch the gravity defying action on display.

Pavel demonstrated all of the elegance, risk and efficiency the judging panel were looking for when he embarked on his final run of the competition. The 20-year-old gave a faultless performance over the whitewashed stone roofs and volcanic rock formations of Santorini.


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The Latvian freerunning specialist was over-the-moon with the course and delighted he was able to claim top spot at Red Bull Art of Motion.

“The course over the rocky cliffs was just a dream for me. Normally I’m out in the urban jungle showing off flic-flacs, turns and screws. In an urban environment it can be tough to find a good place for tricks but here you can head in any direction and everything is there for you.”

This latest edition of Red Bull Art in Motion was contested over a 260-metre long course that crossed roof tops, terraces and swimming pool. The section of the course that brought most of the cheers from the crowd was the leap-of-faith over a 70-metre drop.


1. Pavels Petkuns (LAT)
2. Marcus Gustafsson (SWE)
3. Jason Paul (GER), 4. Yoann Leroux (FRA)
5. Luis Alkim (POR)
6. Alexander Zyulev (RUS)
7. Luci Romberg (USA)
8. Ryan Doyle (GBR)

Winner Best Trick: Alexander Zyulev (RUS)
Best Woman: Luci Romberg (USA)

And if you missed the action, watch Red Bull Art Of Motion Santorini 2012 on demand at


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