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The world’s best parkour and freerunning athletes are coming to the Greek Island of Santorini this weekend to contest Red Bull Art of Motion. On Saturday from 15:30 CET you can watch every leap of faith live on redbull.tv.

Santorini provides a stunning natural backdrop for the most stylish and fluent freerunning and parkour tricks ever witnessed. The eight finalists will all be looking to bring their A-Game as they attempt to impress the judges. Each athlete will be awarded marks for fluidity, creativity, style and execution.

Germany’s Jason Paul summed up the feelings of his fellow freerunners and parkour specialists during Thursday’s warm-up session.

“Freerunning is all about passion; it’s a way of life. There’s hardly an obstacle that I can’t get over – or at least try to get over.“



Saturday’s final will see the magic eight athletes aiming for perfection on a totally natural course comprising of curves, gaps and walls. Expect to see amazing flips, dive rolls, aerial twists and hard drops. The aim of each finalist is simple - cover the distance from the start to finish line with as much style as humanly possible.

Taking his place among the best of the best once again is Ryan Doyle. The British daredevil is fresh from freerunning along the Great Wall of China and is always looking to push things to the limit

“I am very excited to return to Santorini. After wondering around the world in the last nine months, encountering such great destinations and cultures, I could not think of any better place to finish my journey.”

Red Bull Art of Motion will be streamed live from 15.30 CET) on redbull.tv.


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