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There was nobody rocking their feet to the beat quite like B-Boy Mounir at the Red Bull BC One Western European Qualifier. B-Boy Mounir’s reward for some brilliant breakdancing in Rotterdam is a place at the BC One Grand Final in Brazil later this year.

Red Bull BC One has established itself as the only global breakdancing battle that matters and the latest superstar to emerge from the competition is France’s B-Boy Mounir. As a member of the Vagabonds Crew the B-Boy has been working on his skills for 15 years, now he has won the chance to break on the biggest stage of all.

The atmosphere in Rotterdam was rocking as 16 of the best up-and-coming B-Boys from around Western Europe descended on Holland for the last of the BC One Regional Qualifiers. The first test for Mounir was a one-on-one battle against Portugal’s B-Boy Bruce Almighty of the Momentum Crew.

After taking care of Bruce Almighty in the first round Mounir went on to defeat B-Boys Abd-L and Menno to set-up an all-French final showdown against B-Boy Khalil.

A winner-takes-all battle between Mounir and Khalil certainly raised the temperature in Rotterdam. Mounir had proved his ability earlier this year by winning the BC One France Cypher but Khalil has also shown he was no slouch when he was named France's Best B-Boy in 2011.

The two B-Boys in the middle of the room didn’t disappoint the crowd as they battled hard for that ticket to the BC One Grand Final in Brazil. After a whirlwind of flips and spins it was time for the judges, including BC One legend B-Boy Cico, to make their call.

The judges decision to hand victory to B-Boy Mounir proved popular with the crowd who had been blown away by his performance in every single battle. Now Mounir gets the chance to follow his B-Boy heroes such as Flow Master, Ivan and Storm by taking his game to the rest of the globe.

The next step for Mounir is to take his place in Rio alongside the five other regional winners and 10 other aficionados of the breaking scene that have been selected by the BC One scouts. The December 8th final will be livestreamed on

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