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The latest brilliant B-Boy to book a place at this year’s Red Bull BC One Grand Final in Rio de Janeiro is Shorty Force.

Straight outta South Korea there was no-one who could get close to the moves of B-Boy Shorty Force at the Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Qualifier. Even in an all-South Korean final between Shorty Force and B-Boy Differ there was only one winner as far as judge B-Boy Ronnie was concerned.

“Differ has a very unique style and I respect him a lot for that, but looking at execution, Shorty Force was just on point. He pulled all the stops and went all out, while Differ looked tired and kind of looked like he gave up in the last battle.”

Nearly 2000 B-Boys, B-Girls and fans had come out to the event at Auckland’s Vector Arena, where 16 B-Boys from 11 nations (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia) battled for the coveted title of Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Champion.

Also soaking up the atmosphere in Auckland was B-Boy Roxrite, the current Red Bull BC One World Champion.

“The atmosphere was amazing! The venue was huge and so many people had come out to support the B-Boys! The battles were dope. A little lopsided and obvious in the beginning, but closer to the end, it got harder to decide. Shorty Force was pretty impressive. He clearly dominated the final battle. He saved the strongest rounds for the last battle! And Differ couldn’t keep up with that!”

Representing the local B-Boy scene in New Zealand on the judging panel was B-Boy Swerve. The Kiwi explained what it means to B-Boying in his country when Red Bull BC One comes to town.

“This is a highlight for the scene. We haven’t had a big B-Boy event like this in a long time. Having all the international dancers here in Auckland is a big thing. The local B-Boys look at these guys like superstars and to meet them is really great for us. Events like this need to keep happening! The B-Boy scene in New Zealand has been around since the early 80s. The scene is still small, but well-educated about B-Boying and Hip Hop culture. It’s a healthy scene, but we need events like this to keep growing.”

B-Boy Swerve was buzzing that BC One had come to pay him a visit but the biggest smile on the night belonged to the champion, B-Boy Shorty Force.

“I’ve been dancing for 13 years, but this was my greatest accomplishment! I didn’t expect to win. I battled Differ in the semi-finals in the cypher in South Korea and I lost. I was tired and below average condition that day. I received a wildcard and got invited to the Qualifier and tonight, I won. Today I was at my best. In a competition like Red Bull BC One a lot depends on the shape and mood you’re in on that day. But you also got to have the right strategy. Some B-Boys give up one round, to save energy and win the other two. Today I went all out and gave 100% in each and every battle.”

Up next is the Red Bull BC One Africa Middle East Qualifier on September 14th as we count down the days to the World Final in Rio de Janeiro on December 8th.

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