LilG and Roxrite at BC One LilG and Roxrite at BC One © Red Bull Content Pool

It was a case of third time lucky for Roxrite as he became the Red Bull BC One 2011 world champion – that is if you can call the result of years of hard work and preparation, lucky.

How does it feel to be Red Bull BC One champion?
I am very happy! It seems surreal: you fight really hard for something and when you get it, you’re like: ‘Did that really happen?’ The people I had to battle to win! It really wasn’t easy, which is why I’m so shocked. But everything felt right going into the battles. At first I felt tired, but after I warmed up and started breaking a sweat, I felt so right!

This is your third time in Red Bull BC One. How did the other times go for you?
The first time I was aiming to get third and I did. The second time I said, ‘I’m going to win’ and I lost.

How did you feel in the final battle?
I just took the same approach that I took all night: to take it round by round. I knew I had what it takes to win, but you never know. In the finals I just felt: ‘I can’t lose! I just can’t lose!’ because when I lost last time, it really took me a while to get over it.

How did you prepare for Red Bull BC One?
I haven’t done a one-on-one battle in about a year but I practised really hard for it. In September and August, I did a lot of cross fit, where you practice in a circle in the gym but very fast and without pauses in between. Also breaking, of course. Then from September on it’s been strictly breaking. I can’t tell you everything about my training because, you know, you gotta have your secrets (laughs) but I can tell you this: In the last week before going to Russia, I did like 80 full battle rounds.

How did you enjoy the BC One final in Russia?
Oh man, obviously the environment and the whole build up was great, the venue and the whole energy as well. When I touched the floor, I felt, “I had so many experiences on this floor. I have done some of my best shit on it.” It was major! Big time!

What was it like backstage?
You feel rivalries, but you all have the same goal and the same life: the respect is totally there and the vibe is great! It’s OK to want to be better than the next person, but you still gotta have respect because we’re building something together.

What was your strategy this year?
People know your signature moves, so I tried to come with my own stuff and combine it in new ways and use stuff that hasn’t been seen. But my overall strategy was to just come in, attack, and set the pace of the battle.

That was the opposite to what the others were doing?
They let me set the pace. Stamina was another key thing. Knowing that I would be able to do long rounds. That’s kind of what made the difference. People on Youtube might not even see it, but you feel it when you are in the battle. You realize if you’re in charge and controlling the battle.


null Roxrite celebrates victory at BC One 2012 © Red Bull Content Pool

You’re nearly 30, which makes you one of the older competitors. Is experience important?
Experience and knowledge are very important. I had the skills. B-Boying is an art. You’ve gotta create something. It’s not all about doing eye-catching stuff: you’ve got to be original, find your own style and then perfect it.

What are your plans for next year?
I’ve got a lot going on. Break’n Reality is coming out. It’s a reality show about B-Boying which I hope will inspire people around the world. I hope it opens doors for people to appreciate our dance more so that mainstream society gets a better understanding what B-Boying is really about. A lot of the dance films don’t really give you the story, they show you the dance, but the story is about a ballerina. Break’n Reality is really about three guys that are B-Boys. And I’m going to travel with the Red Bull BC One All Stars, teaching and educating.

You make a living from dancing, but do you ever miss the old days when you were breaking for fun?
On one hand you’re living your dream, you’re doing what you love, on the other hand it starts to become a job. When I was working, I was working to get where I am now. Once you’re there, you have to remember how hard you had to fight to get there. But you can’t forget to have fun with it, you have to remind yourself how great this is. You need to still have fun and enjoy what you are doing. Understand you are living from it, but still have the love for what you do.

Has Red Bull BC One changed your life?
Winning Red Bull BC One is huge! This puts me in the eye of people. The B-Boys appreciate it and it puts me in a bigger audience. I have a feeling that a whole lot of new stuff will come out of this for me that I can’t even imagine yet. It’s not going to change who I am, I will continue to grow as a person, but will always be me.

How do you rate your chances in Red Bull BC One 2012?
I would love to try and repeat again. That would be even bigger. Two in a row would be magical. I am definitely going to keep my training up. I’m going to train like a motherfucker.

Check out the highlights in the video below...

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