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Joey Brezinski Wins 2011 Red Bull Manny Mania Pro Final


Moments before the final, a massive thunderstorm was threatening to soak Red Bull Manny Mania, yet miraculously the clouds parted and Joey Brezinski was able to skate his way back to the top of the podium for his 3rd event victory over the last 5 years. A deluge was not the only threat – the Red Bull Manny Mania World Final champion Sewa Kroetkov from The Netherlands came in a close 2nd place, beating out many of the top pros who only a day ago were his idols, and are now his equals.

The contest saw some of the best in technical skateboarding hit the custom built course, designed by Brezinski himself, including event vets like Eli Reed and Ronnie Creager as well as new pros Walker Ryan and Joe Tookmanian. The early rounds saw impressive skating from Sewa, who continued his amazing trick barrage started the day before as well as lightning speed run from Dennis Busenitz where he kickflipped out of a manual over the big gap to flat and some amazing tricks from Brazil’s Alex Carolino like a switch flip manual switch flip out on the big box.

As the Doppler radar showed a very severe weather cell knocking on Coleman Park’s door, it was a rush to get the finals underway with Brezinski, Sewa, and 2007 winner Ronnie Creager all advancing as well as an unexpected appearance from David Gonzalez, who came to New York to support his brother who skated in the Red Bull Manny Mania World Final. Entering on a whim, he rode convincingly and earned his way to final heat.

Someone in the heavens must be a skateboarding fan, as the seemingly imminent storm somehow bypassed lower Manhattan and the final went off. The storm was on the course as Sewa and Brezinski battled it out trick for trick. Sewa continued with his technical showcase landing a nollie late flip nose manual nollie flip out while Joey answered back with an inward heel manny front variel heel out and a front blunt on the bar fakie manual fakie flip out, which judges felt put him over the top.

Brezinski knew he was up against stiff competition, “I'm psyched it didn't rain and we got to have a so rad contest. Sewa is gnarly. He's got some tricks in the bag.” While Sewa could have won without much argument (even Joey was surprised when they handed him the trophy) he was humble in his experience. “The pro skating was amazing. In the finals I got tired the last couple minutes.” Joey’s years as a pro paid off, with proper rest and concentration he was able to last to the clock ticked down and came away victorious. Third place went to David Gonzalez, who walked away with some special plans for his prize money, “I can’t even believe I got 3rd in a manual contest, I don’t really skate manuals at all! I’m going to buy 4 guitars, that’s it.”

Fans were the real lucky ones, as they got to witness some of the best skating ever seen in the five year history of Red Bull Manny Mania. Perhaps the biggest fan of all was Alyssa Jugmoeunsing, 17, of Trinidad and Tobago who traveled just to see the contest. “I came to New York to see Manny Mania. It was really awesome to see all the pros and make my dreams come true to see it live. It’s a lot better than just on You Tube!”

For Brezinski and Red Bull Manny Mania World Final champion Sewa, it will be a weekend to remember in the City where anything can happen – especially with a little luck from above.

Red Bull Manny Mania Pro Final Results:
1. Joey Brezinski
2. Sewa Kroetkov
3. David Gonzalez
4. Ronnie Creager
5. Alex Carolino
6. Marty Murawski
7. Dennis Busenitz
8. Eli Reed
9. Steve Nesser
10. Walker Ryan
11. Kenny Anderson
12. Daniel Lebron
13. Joe Tookmanian
14. Malcom Watson
15. Danny Falla
16. Brandon Biebel
17. Andrew Cannon
18. Aquil Brathwaite
19. Ron Deily
20. Raymond Molinar
21. Zered Bassett


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