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Red Bull Flying Bach: Georgia On Our Mind | Photostory


The mesmerizing performance of four-times breakdancing world champions Flying Steps amazed the Georgian audience, which had no idea that breakdance and the music of famous German Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach could fit this perfectly.

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, was honoured to be the second stop after Croatia of the Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour. The premiere show was staged at the country's largest and most famous theatre – the Shota Rustaveli National Theatre – on June 13-14.











Fascinating power moves, head spins and freezes in combination with beautiful classical ballet (Yui Kawaguchi) and synchronized with live piano (Vida Kalojanova) and cembalo (Sabina Chukurova) impressed every single spectator - the 10-minute standing ovation from the audience was the proof. “It was such a unique mix of modern and tradition! I believe if Bach could have seen this show, he would have wished to live in the 21st century," commented a popular culture journalist after the premiere.


What did the Georgians say? - Bach has never been this cool!

The Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour will continue in September in Norway.


Photos © Denis Klero and Rezi Kenia // Red Bull Content Pool



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