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Red Bull Flying Bach Goes Balkan: Photo Blog

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What a great start to our World Tour! We are still overwhelmed by the fantastic experience in Croatia and are back in Germany now, so it’s time to take a look back and share our impressions with you.

First of all: the Croatians are extremely hospitable. When we arrived in Pula we were immediately overwhelmed by the warm welcome we received from everyone we met.

What else did we like about Croatia? The food and the countryside are amazing! We just loved the various forms of meat and the different kinds of pastes you get with it. We couldn’t wait for the next meal to come and everyone was really enthusiastic about the food. So you see, this was also a culinary trip for us!

And the landscape: we did our photo shoot at two different places in Pula. First, we went to an old amphitheatre, the Pula Arena, which is among the six largest surviving arenas in the world.

Only a few hours later we went to the Holy Rock, a famous cliff diving spot for locals, where we were surprised by a stunning view over the Adriatic Sea and we went to the nice harbour with old traditional fishing boats.

In our free time we had some time to relax at the hotel complex. It was directly at the beach with a huge pool as well, so we had enough time for some chillin’ in the sun.

Of course we also had to dance our shows! All the performances in Croatia were really special for us, because the audience was simply amazing. We had just started the show and after the first few steps and notes people already started to go crazy! They were the most enthusiastic audience we ever performed for – clapping and cheering from the very beginning of our performance, like no other crowd before.

For us as artists, that’s the best compliment you can get. In addition the setting was stunning, we performed in a really old theatre with balconies reaching up to the ceiling and the atmosphere was great. At the aftershow party that evening we really had the chance to party because the following day we were only travelling to Zagreb, so now show on our schedule. We really enjoyed it! Then we headed to Croatia’s capital Zagreb the next morning for two more shows in an impressively big concert hall, which was really cool, too.












Moreover it has been great to meet the local B-Boy scene and its upcoming breakdance talents. In Pula around 20 young B-Boys visited us for a meet and greet, and in Zagreb Lil Ceng, Punisher, and KC-1 have been judges at the UFBB battle.

We had a great time during our first stop of the World Tour and are really looking forward to the upcoming shows! We’ll keep you updated!



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