Red Bull Flying Bach

Red Bull Flying Bach conquers Copenhagen | Photostory

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This week the breakdancers of The Flying Steps took over the old Concert Hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music – a place where young apprentices are educated in classical music; the perfect location to combine the unique clash of cultures which are visualised in the performance of Red Bull Flying Bach.

After a successful European Tour in 2011, the Red Bull Flying Bach show returned to Denmark to repeat its success with three sold-out shows.

With Red Bull Flying Bach, breakdance legends The Flying Steps and opera director Christoph Hagel have proved that breakdancing and Johann Sebastian Bach, as unlikely bedfellows as they would seem to be, are in fact perfectly matched.






Their creative performance visualises and revives some of Bach's finest work and for more than 1000 Danish guests The Flying Steps proved that Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier is still alive and that the clash in culture fits perfectly.

The show drew the spectators from their seats and received enthusiastic applause with a series of standing ovations at the end. The troupe will perform two more nights in Copenhagen and then continue their World Tour. Stay tuned for further details...


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Photos © Dean Treml / Red Bull Content Pool


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