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Red Bull Junior Team: Renault 2.0 Alps Imola Race 2

Stefan Wackerbauer on his way to 3rd at Imola, Renault 2.0 Alps Red Bull


Best result of the season! Wackerbauer on the podium for the first time with 3rd and Albon in 6th at Imola in the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps Series, Race 6.

Red Bull Juniors Stefan Wackerbauer (GER-Team Koiranen), Alex Albon (THA-Team Epic) and Daniil Kvyat (RUS-Team Koiranen) all featured strongly with Kvyat the fastest man on the track yet forced out of 2nd place due to a colision. The Race 2 winner was the same as from Saturday, Norman Nato of France.

While Vettel was leading Webber through the streets of Monaco the 6th race of the 2 litre Alps series got under way in Imola at 2.55 p.m. CEST. Kvyat, Wackerbauer and Albon started from positions 5, 8 and 12 on the grid. Nato again set off from pole and into the lead, followed by Chatin, Tunjo and Kvyat. Wackerbauer was 10th after the start but soon improved to 8th. Albon was running in 12th early on.

Nato was again able to pull away today, while Kvyat tried to get past Tunjo. On lap 5 he took his chance and grabbed 3rd. Wackerbauer was running in a four-man group towards the end, Laquinta – Vermont – Ocon – Wackerbauer was the race order, 5th to 8th. Albon had improved to 11th and was running immediately behind Silva and the points-paying positions.

Wackerbauer overtook Ocon for 7th and then Laquinta as well. Kvyat wanted more thank 3rd and put pressure on Chatin, while leader Nato already had a 5 second advantage. Kvyat set the fastest lap of the race up to that point. Then Chatin and Kvyat suddenly dropped way back on the timing monitor and eventually out of the race, they had collided in turn one.

Wackerbauer therefore inherited 3rd and Albon 7th. Both Red Bulls hence clinched far and away their best results of the season.

Nato won ahead of Vermont, and Wackerbauer finished on the podium for the first time! A great result for the two young Red Bull Juniors while at the same time Mark Webber was heading for victory in Monaco!

Wackerbauer: "Unfortunately I lost two positions at the start, but I was able to overtake several drivers over the course of the race, also benefitting a little from one incident or the other, but nevertheless we were also very competitive as far as lap times were concerned, and I'm enormously pleased with this result!"

Albon: “I am really happy with the result, my highest finish in Formula Renault. It was a very difficult race, especially as I was battling with some drivers for the whole race!”

Kvyat: “I was the fastest man on the circuit and I was already up to P2 when Chatin took me off in turn 1. What a shame, I've lost some important championship points… I think I didn't do anything wrong, that's racing and I will leave it behind as next week end there are the Spa races, which I am very much looking forward to!”


A request for support!

Faces for charity

The race cars of Red Bull Racing will contest the British Grand Prix weekend from July 6th to 8th 2012 with very special paintwork for a charitable cause.

A collage with thousands of fan pictures will adorn the race cars of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, supporting the Wings for Life foundation for spinal cord research. The world championship winning team is inviting fans to also be there at Silverstone as co-drivers with a personal photo.

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