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Red Bull Junior Team: Renault 2.0 Alps Spa Race 2 - Kvyat out of luck

Daniil Kvyat crests the rise at Spa in his Renault 2.0 Alps car Red Bull

Daniil Kvyat (RUS Koiranen Motorsport) suffered a dreadful reversal of fortunes following his Saturday victory. A 1st corner collision with points leader Norman Nato (FRA RC Formula) resulted in a damaged front wing and he limped to 10th in Race 2 of the Renault 2.0 Alps weekend at Spa in Belgium. Fellow Red Bull Junior Stefan Wackerbauer (GER Koiranen Motorsport) did a good job of matching his 6th place on the grid with 6th at the finish while Alex Albon (THA Epic Racing) went out on lap 3. The race was won by Oscar Tunjo (COL Tech1 Racing) from Nato.

From the start Kvyat tried to replicate his brilliant 1st lap from Saturday but ran into the back of Nato. “Nato was just focusing on me at the first corner and probably forgot to release the brakes,” explained Kvyat. “The result was a broken front wing for me and of course an undriveable car all the race. I had to fight really hard for that one point. But now that's history and I focus on the next Eurocup race at the Nurburgring where I'm looking to extend the lead.”

Kvyat completed the 1st lap in 7th behind Wackerbauer while Paul-Loup Chatin (FRA Tech1 Racing) charged past Nato and into the lead. Nato completed lap 1 in 3rd behind Tunjo. Albon dropped a place and lay 14th behind Roman Mavlanov (RUS Tech1 Racing).

By the end of lap 2 Kvyat had passed Wackerbauer for 6th but the delay had cost him and the there was a gap of 1.8 seconds to Guilherme Silva (BRA Interwetten) in 5th, Nato had lost a place to Felipe Fraga (BRA Tech1 Racing) and lay 4th while Chatin still led from Tunjo by 1.8 seconds.

Kvyat's misfortune continued and in the effort to close on Silva he made a major mistake, lost 2.5 seconds and dropped to 9th. Wackerbauer had been given back 6th but was 1.7 seconds behind Silva. Albon was out through no fault of his own. “I got a fairly good start and stayed in position. 2 drivers were ahead and I managed to get a run on them and passed them both. But then barking one of them locked up and hit me putting me out of the race.”

Tunjo pressured Chatin for the lead with the 3rd Tech 1 man Fraga just under a second behind in 3rd and points leader Nato 4th. Wackerbauer held station in 6th and Kvyat was 9th, not lapping fast enough to close the gap on William Vermont (FRA Arta Engineering) ahead of him.

Tunjo seized the lead on lap 5 and immediately opened a small lead. Vermont was racing away from Kvyat and Kvyat, obviously in trouble in 9th, was almost 2 seconds off the pace of the men ahead of him and under pressure from behind.

Lap 6 saw Nato pass Fraga for 3rd, Wackerbauer drove on, a very lonely 6th and Kvyat continued to defend his 9th which he did brilliantly until passed by Casagrande on lap 9. Ahead Nato had passed Chatin for 2nd.

Onto the final lap Tunjo had a comfortable 1.8 second advantage over Nato, Wackerbauer continued to set respectable lap times about half a second off the leader and Kvyat still fighting for his life in 10th. Wackerbauer's final lap was the fastest in the field as he came home 6th and Kvyat's defensive strategy held out to the flag.

Wackerbauer: “The lap times were quite good but the gap to P5 was too big in the end. But I'm happy with the race today.”





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