Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour © Red Bull Gaming

With more than 10,000 downloads in two days the latest gaming app from Red Bull has taken pole position in the German iTunes chart…

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is currently the number one iPad racing game on German iTunes – and sits at four in the iPhone chart. Itchy-fingered gamers already familiar with Red Bull racing games such as Race Off have swooped on Kart Fighter World Tour like Formula One fans on a grand prix-winning car.

They haven't been disappointed. The shiny new game has arrived with a host of new controls, turbo-speed boosts and 12 circuits based on real-life landmarks around the globe, from London to Tokyo. Players race around the inside of these parliaments, palaces and palazzos, unlocking further content and, in the race-for-prizes mode, winning actual real-life prizes.

In solo mode gamers can practice on the circuits alone, or enter a World Tour against the games' in-built drivers. Each setting is incremently more difficult with points increasingly precious. in multiplayer mode gamers can challenge friends to a time trial or fight against six other players for pole. With the potential to unlock more content in both solo and multiplayer, even ardent gamers won't tire of Kart Fighter easily.

Go HERE if you want to download Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour.

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