Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

In this week’s Red Bull Gaming Blog, Glen Ferris put the pedal to the metal with Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour…

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour – Review

If home is where the heart is, then everywhere else must be where the kart is. With more than 6 million players and counting, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is proving to be a phenomenal success and that number is sure to keep on growing with the release of content update V1.2.

The Number 1 racing game in 47 markets has just got better with the addition of some very nifty extras. Of course, the accessible arcade gameplay is just as moreish as ever, but the latest update also comes with the benefit of some very cool extra tracks to race on and new karts to drive.

Four new locations have been added to the tour, with Canada, France, Germany and Hong Kong getting the Red Bull Kart Fighter treatment. So now you can unleash your wild side at the rodeo, race on stage with Paris’ famous Can-Can girls, take a tour of a Bavarian beer fest and career through a Far-Eastern neon maze of streets.

The new unlockable karts, meanwhile, vary from the rust and spike-filled Heavy Metal to the 80s-centric Malibu to the self-explanatory Stealth and Rocket.

It’s this focus on fun - coupled with addictive and surprisingly skill-reliant gameplay - that makes Kart Fighter World Tour such a pick-up-and-play joy. It’s not a sim, it’s not focussed on uber realism, what it is a cracking arcade racer that throws you right into the action through any of the World Tour, Practice or Challenge Modes and lets you turbo-speed around hairpin corners in colourful circuits from Brazil to Australia and Japan to the United States.

A game filled with small joys and even tinier vehicles, Kart Fighter is perfect to play on the move via iOS and Android or waste time with the web version. And it’s particularly well placed to brag to mates about your best times with the Facebook Challenge option.

As major content updates go, this is a doozy and it’s made all the more essential when you consider neither the patch nor the original game will cost you a penny to play. Fast, funny and, above all, free, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have this fine title on your device.


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