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Red Bull Manny Mania 2012: BRAZIL HAS A WINNER!

Venue of Red Bull Manny Mania Final Brazil Pablo Vaz - Red Bull Content Pool

From Nova Zoo to New York

JP Dantas wins the national final and will represent brazil in the world final of Red Bull Manny Mania
He is not used to race championships – I´m the type that takes pictures to show up – but decided to subscribe on Red Bull Manny Mania because manuals are his favourite tricks. The result turned out better than expected.

João Pedro Dantas, aka “Anjinho” (which means Little Angel) won the national stage of Red Bull Manny Mania and will represent Brazil on the world finals, on august 25th, in New York. The national final was hosted on Nova Zoo – a place that cherishes Zoo York brand – in Belo Horizonte, MG.

The final was an amazing battle against Sergio Santoro, born in Rio de Janeiro, that was followed by 2500 people that were really excited after every trick. “This win was really tuff. The level was really high and I can´t even tell how excited I am with this victory”, celebrated the 22 year athlete.

Now, he wants to repeat the same performance at the world final, in New York. “It´s a caotic city just like mine, so it won´t scare me. Now it´s time to go back to São Paulo and keep practicing my Mannys”.

Final results of Red Bull Manny Brazil

1º - João Pedro “Anjinho” Dantas – São Paulo
2º - Sérgio Santoro – Rio de Janeiro
3º - Denis Pitigliani – Curitiba
4º - Djorge Oliveira – Florianópolis


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