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Red Bull Manny Mania 2012: SWEDEN HAS A WINNER!

Red Bull Manny Mania Sweden - Axel Wellton

Red Bull Manny Mania 2012 - Swedish Final: Sea, Sun & Skate

On Saturday afternoon, it was time for the Swedish Final of the 2012 Red Bull Manny Mania event tour. After some very difficult and rainy conditions in Sweden over the past weeks for the qualifying events, this was finally time for the perfect weather conditions in Malmö.

The best 16 amateur riders that have qualified through events in four cities across the country were invited and treated like “pros” to spend the weekend and enjoy the event experience in the South of Sweden. All 16 skaters were impressed by the unique location and set up on the shore of the Baltic Sea and were thrilled about the live broadcast of the event on the main skateboard websites and forums in Sweden (, and
Over 1000 spectators had found their way to the sunny Scania's Square in Malmö's Western Harbour to cheer on their favorites. The final heat was 25yo and local Malmö skater Axel Wellton against Simon Barood, 18yo, from Halmstad. The audience in place and those who were beaten in front of the live broadcast on the web did not have to be disappointed by the level.

In the final heat Axel took hold on his opponent using creativity and an unreal high variety of tricks such as manual Shuvit to Nose manual and manual backside nose grind revert. Also a manual to 360 kickflip down from a high up-down-box landed in the last seconds secured his second victory of the competition since 2010.

“I cannot believe yet that I'll have to go to New York again! My last trick was also my best and I think that was what made that I won” commented Axel.

Watch out NY, Axel is back!


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