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Are you ready to feel the Ultimate Rush? This series of movies combine the world’s most extreme athletes and a group of filmmakers crazy enough to follow them every step of the way.  

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Ultimate Rush is a project that pairs the planet’s ultimate athletes with the ultimate filmmakers.  

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The story of Ultimate Rush has been penned by Pulitzer Prize-nominee and Hollywood screenwriter Stephan Schiff. Stephan’s writing credits include Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, The Deep End of the Ocean, Lolita, True Crime.  

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Filming duties for Ultimate Rush were handed to MSP Films, the Emmy nominated production house is a world leader in action sports filmmaking. 

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Also adding their considerable expertise to the project was Red Bull Media House, they know all about getting up close and personal with extreme athletes.  

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Ultimate Rush asks the questions on everybody’s lips - Why do these athletes do what they do? Why do they risk everything to achieve something as fleeting as a ski line on a remote crag, a momentary descent down a waterfall few have ever seen, or a leap through space between man-made mounds created solely for a leap through space?  

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Featured in Ultimate Rush are some true legends of action sports such as Chris Davenport, Antoine Montant, Hervé Cerutti and Steve Fisher.  

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Behind the lens and exploring the fine line between extreme sport, philosophy and art featured in Ultimate Rush are cameramen Scott Gaffney, Dustin Lindgren and Guillaume Tessier among others.  

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Directed by Murray Wais and Steve Winter, and narrated by Academy Award-nominee Nick Nolte, this cinematic quest will take you from the Rocky Mountains to Morocco, from Bolivia to China, and from Thailand to Norway, as it gives rise to the most breathtaking stories.  

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