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The Red Bull athletes have been busy again this week, with weddings, Halloween parties and charity balls on the agenda. Find out more with Red Bull Messenger....

Wow amazing wedding yesterday. Congrats @lynzskate n Travis! So glad I could b part of wedding as bridesmaid :)

Ashley Fiolek is one of the first to congratulate Travis Pastrana and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins on their wedding.  


And we're guessing that the invitations stated a Halloween theme? Although if so, the guest in the background clearly decided against it.

null Ashley Fiolek

Me and @lynzskate so proud of her! Love ya girl! :  

null Ashley Fiolek

Now lying on sofa icing my leg! Won't let this get in the way of our Halloween night out though but no fancy dress for @tatiaweston and I!

8th in first race and DNF'd second race with a big crash resulting in a seriously dead leg! Still smiling as I had so much fun!

Jonathan Rea may not be sporting a costume, but he won't let that or a bit of a shunt ruin his weekend.

So I thought there was a seal behind me barking,next thing i do is turn around & it's some guy blowing his nose,LOL weirdest sound ever...

Jordy Smith gets more than he bargained for at what we can only assume (and hope) was the beach.

I had a great time at the Agassi foundation event last night. I'm not sure exactly how much was raised, but I heard it was over 26 million which is just incredible :)! I will post pics from the event in a min. xo LV

Lindsey Vonn does her bit for charity at the Andre Agassi Foundation event. And, as promised, here she is at the event.  

null Lindsey Vonn

Difficult result today. I had to stop because of a failure, top 8 could have been possible. Thank you all for your support!

Formula One driver Sebastien Buemi laments his retirement in the Toro Rosso at the Indian Grand Prix on Sunday. 

Watching Matt Prior cook lunch is a little bit like watching Karl Pilkington on Idiot Abroad! #idiotinthekitchen

England cricketer Stuart Broad is less than impressed with the culinary skills of England wicket keeper Matt Prior.

Last night got a little weird...... Happy Halloween 

null Ian Walsh

You can say that again, Ian Walsh.

Chris evans is doing a good job this morning on radio 2...and Angus is eating his melon cos he has finished my shoes!

Rachel Atherton's new dog, Angus, is in need of some basic training by the sounds of things. Not even the soothing tones of Chris Evans can stop him from misbehaving.

Just showered with my iPhone. 6months on the road might be catching up to me haha

It's almost over, Julian Wilson. Just one more event to go on the 2011 ASP World Tour after this week's Rip Curl Search.

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