Red Bull Rivals: Downhill Challenge

Red Bull Rivals took on their toughest task to date, the former Hollyoaks actors Matt Littler and Darren Jefferies (aka Max and OB) headed to South Africa to compete in the Urban Assault mountain-biking tournament for the final challenge of their T4 show, Red Bull Rivals (broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK).

With zero experience in downhill mountain biking, this was a daunting prospect, so the nervous Matt and Darren called in Britain’s premier mountain biking dynasty, the Athertons, for a spot of help. With just a few days in the UK to learn how to tackle some steep and physically challenging courses, both the Hollyoakers were literaly given a crash course in how to control the bike, negotiate the course and most importantly, not fall off, before they were flown off to Cape Town for the big showdown.

Although not taking part in the competition itself, the lads were keen to put what they had learnt into practice and show their mentors that they had the skills it takes to compete in the company of the world’s best riders... without ending up in Accident & Emergency again!

So far this year, Matt and Darren have taken up the considerable challenge of going head-to-head in some of the toughest sports imaginable to become Red Bull Rivals Champion 2009, from cliff-diving and free running to piloting home-made flying machines…

See highlights of the pair in action at


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