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There's two hard enduros back to back this week, with Red Bull Romaniacs following hard on the heels of Sunday’s Erzberg Rodeo. But not every rider came through the Red Bull Hare Scramble in one piece, as Spain’s Xavi Galindo reveals.

How are you and your Husaberg bike recovering from the Red Bull Hare Scramble?
A lot went wrong on the mountain. I had a good start and then I got completely stuck in the mud going flat-out in third gear. I injured my hip and thigh, which meant I couldn’t attack. I tried to keep going but by the end of it, the bike was finished. In fact, I’ve completely destroyed it. And that was game over.

How are you coping with the injury and will you survive Red Bull Romaniacs?
[Laughs] Some friends of mine have given me a lot of painkillers, so I should be okay.

You crashed at your first Red Bull Romaniacs in 2009, but you’ve come back stronger each year. People are even tipping you for a podium place this time…
I’ll give it a try! Of course I’ve got the podium in my sights, but this is an extremely difficult race. Everything has to work perfectly and you can’t make even the smallest mistake. 

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What’s the hardest thing about Sibiu – the GPS navigation or the terrain?
Navigation shouldn’t be a problem. I like browsing. And I love the technical sections that are like trial riding. I’m not so mad about the downhill sections because you can come off easily. But I do like it here in Romania.

Who are the favourites this year?
Jarvis! Graham is currently the best in the business. He’s so strong. You can’t rule out Chris Birch and Andreas Lettenbichler either. And I think Jonny Walker is another one to watch. So I’d say there are five or six riders among the favourites – and I include myself in that.

Last year, you strayed off course and had to leave your bike and swim across a reservoir to get to a service point. Will we see you swimming again this year?
[Laughs] I hope not! But I’ll pack a snorkel just in case.


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