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Red Bull X-Fighters 2012: Developer Q&A | Game News

X-Fighters-2.jpg Copyright: Red Bull Photofiles

How do you convey the white-knuckle excitement of a real-life Red Bull X-Fighters event in a mobile game? Mitri Bautista-Wiberg, CEO of game developer Polarbit AB, explains it all…

What can players expect from the Red Bull X-Fighters 2012 game?
They can expect an easy pick-up-and-play game, a casual and fun adaptation of the real-life experience, with cool visual effects and awesome tricks where the aim is to become the 2012 World Tour champion.

What real-world research did you do?
A lot, actually. Since we are basing the game in the real-life competition, we had to have a good understanding of the events, scoring and tricks. We also studied previous events, the design layouts of the tracks etc.

All six stops on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour are included, how did you go about giving each destination a distinct identity?
Although we did not want each event or track to look too realistic, we were trying to resemble the real world stops and layouts of the tracks as much as we could from reference material or layout designs when these were available to us during development.

Tell us about the different game modes…
Tour is the main game mode, you compete in a series of tours of varying difficulty which will later enable you to unlock single race game modes such as Freeride, Arcade and Collector. While you progress through the tour, you'll start unlocking outfits, bikes and tricks which enable you to perform better.

You’ve got World Champion Dany Torres featuring in the game, did he have input or advice?
He had some comments on tricks and, of course, the overall looks and poses in the game.

nullCopyright: Red Bull Photofiles


The game features music from Red Bull Records' very own Twin Atlantic, the massively popular Scot rockers, was this an exciting coup for you?
Yes indeed, a few of the guys in the team are big fans of the group so it was great to have them on board.

Check out this video of Twin Atlantic in action at Red Bull Studios...

What’s your top tip for Red Bull X-Fighters game success?
The game is all about airtime, make sure you get the right outfit and bike to enable you to do as many tricks as possible when jumping. Also make sure to unlock additional tricks early in the game, it really makes a difference to your scores.

Do you have a favourite in-game trick?
I personally like the Deadbody - maybe it's just because of the name. It’s pretty cool when you combine it with a Frontflip.

Are there any aspects of the game of which you’re particularly proud?
It’s difficult to pinpoint specific areas without having the rest of the team getting angry for not mentioning their parts! We’re just proud of the game as a whole.

Red Bull X-Fighters 2012 is now available to download from iTunes and available for Android on Google Play

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