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Red Bulletin: Cruise Control!


We’ve all seen Tom Cruise do ‘hero things’ at the movies, but get this: when he drove an F1 car he showed pro-level talent.

Amid a level of secrecy straight out of a Mission Impossible script, Tom Cruise has tested a Red Bull Racing Formula One car. With 13-time F1 winner David Coulthard on hand to offer a few pro tips, Cruise squeezed his frame into the tight cockpit of the team show car at Willow Springs Raceway, LA, and got to it. Coulthard was blown away.

“I was amazed how well he did,” said DC. “There are people who have been around cars for years and have absolutely no idea how to make them go quickly. But Tom’s a Hollywood mega-star and he adapted really well.”

Read the full story in October's issue of the Red Bulletin.


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