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Red Bulletin: Florence and the machine


Why she still lives with her mum, what artist inspired her single and how she feared the worst at a big awards show.

It’s hard to believe that someone as striking as Florence Welch seemed to come out of nowhere. Using her stage moniker Florence And The Machine, the Londoner came up with a debut album that in July 2009 went straight to No2 in the UK album chart. Lungs stayed in the top 40 for 65 weeks and also sold big across Europe. Then she did what few Brits before her had managed and took the US by storm. A muse to fashion houses like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, she mingles smart lyrics and gospel-strong voice. Now her second album, Ceremonials, is threatening to go even bigger than the first, but Welch is more concerned with Frida Kahlo and floaty dresses.

You were nominated for a Brit Award last year, as well as performing at the Grammy’s and the Oscars. Was there a personal highlight? Probably performing at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. It was a huge undertaking. We had 10 blue dancers, tribal drummers and a psychedelic choir. I had to sing on a rotating platform while wearing this big floaty dress without falling over it. I was in shock after we’d finished, and then I realised that we’d done it. I was running down this hallway screaming with everyone I hadn’t fallen over, and it wasn’t a disaster.

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