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Ahead of the GP in China, World Champion Sebastian Vettel took some time out from the track to save the world in his very first martial arts movie, Kung Fu Vettel: Drive Of The Dragon...

Hi guys!

If you’re looking for news about the Chinese Grand Prix, I’m going to have to disappoint you. For one day only, today's blog is about acting, not racing.

I recently landed my very first part in a kung fu movie. The plot finds me, together with some other good people, saving the world from a gang of bad guys. It makes a nice change to writing about qualifying or pit stops!

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Because it was a kung fu movie, the first thing I needed was some proper instruction from the pros in the basics of martial arts. I've always been a huge Bruce Lee fan so this was a fantastic opportunity.

The reason this way of fighting looks complicated is because it is complicated. Really complicated. You constantly have to focus to keep your body and your mind under control and, at the same time, remember all the moves and combinations.

That's where I found a similarity with racing. After all, we drivers need to keep our cars under control and always be aware of what to do next.

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I really enjoyed my time on the set and found it fascinating how many tiny steps are necessary to complete a movie. The crew’s attention to detail was amazing. The whole set looked like an ancient Chinese village and, at times, I had to remind myself that it wasn’t real.

We also had a funny experience with a lovely extra. I guess she was about 80 years old and her job was to sit in the background and pretend to fish. Let me tell you, she did great. She spent the whole day sitting around pretending to fish and didn't leave her spot once. Now that's what I call dedication.

I'll let you guys know when you'll be able to see the movie and, hopefully, you will all love it. I had an amazing time.



null(EPA for Infiniti) 

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