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Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber have locked out the front row of the grid for tomorrow’s Turkish Grand Prix in first and second poles respectively. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the world champ is feeling pretty good about the situation.


There's no way that things could have gone any better today - our qualifying was simply perfect. Of course, that doesn't make yesterday's accident any better and the fact that the guys had to work so much to fix the car again. But despite that long night of work, the mood in the pit was amazing and it felt like yesterday's events didn't happen at all. I think the important thing was that we were able to find our rhythm and concentrate on our performance.

Someone who also had a really good qualifying was Nico [Rosberg, Mercedes] and I'm sure he could be very dangerous tomorrow. Our positions are definitely an advantage but I think we also need to keep our cool and keep an eye on everyone who's around us.

The race itself will be really tough, just because of its duration and the fact that we have to take really good care of our tyres. Despite these facts, we'll, as always, do our best to defend our spots.

Just one quick word about KERS. I really don't want to give any guarantees about the system, but our guys have worked really hard to make the system reliable, and at the moment we are more than satisfied with the improvements we have made.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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