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JEV in Abu Dhabi JEV meets the press on Thursday morning in Abu Dhabi © Getty Images for Toro Rosso

After an amazing weekend at the Indian Grand Prix, Jean-Eric Vergne and Toro Rosso are hoping to regain the momentum they had in the first half of the season.

After a remarkable weekend in India, here we are in Abu Dhabi, where for some of us it’s all about starting up again after a fantastic achievement and for others it’s another opportunity to improve, make progress and get a good result.

Obviously, in the former case I’m talking about Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing sealing both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships and in the latter I’m talking about, well, everyone else really!

What Sebastian achieved in India is pretty amazing. To win four titles in a row is really special. For the past while he has been on a different planet to everyone else in terms of what he is doing and he totally deserves the success he is having.

There have been some people who had suggested that it’s all down to the car he has but I think that’s unfair. It’s too easy to say that everyone could do what he has done if they had the same car. One other guy had the same car and didn’t achieve what he did. Of course, Mark has had a lot of bad luck and that has hurt his chances, but the fact remains that Sebastian put together an incredible sequence of results.

For myself and Toro Rosso, this weekend is another chance to rediscover the impetus we had before Silverstone. It’s fair to say that the change of tyres hurt us a quite a bit, but we have been working hard to try to understand the impact that has had. It’s not easy as one variable always has a knock-on effect on a range of things, but this weekend is another chance to figure it out.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve also learned who will be my team-mate for next year and that has resulted in a lot of comment as well. All I can say about Daniil is that I am pleased it’s another Red Bull Junior Team driver coming on board. And regarding his youth, I would say that Red Bull obviously believe he is quick enough. They also obviously believe he can learn quickly and if that’s the case then everything will work out fine.


nullJEV meets the fans in Abu Dhabi © Getty Images for Toro Rosso



It means I will surely have to take on more responsibility for developing the car next year and I’ll have more weight on my shoulders but I like that. I’ve had it in past categories where I was the guy in the number one position who was expected to win and I enjoy it. Obviously we are not in a winning position yet but I’m looking forward to helping push the team towards that.

The new rules mean there is a lot of development to do. I’m doing it already, learning as much as possible about the engine and next year’s car. I’ve been to the wind tunnel, I’m doing a lot simulator work and I’m pushing the team as much as I can in the position I’m in. I’m looking forward to the challenge. It’s the same in life. The only way you grow up in life, as a man, is when you take on responsibility. It’s the same in sport.

But that’s next year. The team is fully focused on the 2014 car and my job now is to focus on this weekend and the two races that follow. It’s an important weekend for us in Abu Dhabi as we have many sponsors here, so I hope we can find a good way forward on track tomorrow and get ourselves on the right path towards a good result on Sunday.

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