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Way back in the 80s, Leisure Suit Larry taught young and impressionable gamers that there’s more to life than blasting aliens and rescuing fair maidens. The lascivious charmer showed us that the battle of the sexes was an equally rewarding endeavour and his repeated attempts (and regular fails) at wooing the ladies gave us inspiration to never give up.

With the louche lover coming to mobiles and tablets later this year in the reissued classic, Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards, we got to thinking about Larry’s legacy and the sexiest digital moments that came in his wake…

Heavy Rain
Last year’s intense crime thriller was notable for being one of the few mainstream games ever released to feature an interactive sex scene. At one point, we were challenged to oversee a realistic love scene between two main characters in which you had to press the right button to remove the female protagonist’s bra - if you think they’re tough to get off in real life, just wait until you try it with digital, butterfingers.

Mass Effect 2
In a game as intricate and open-ended as Mass Effect, the naughty scene in question can have a multitude of outcomes. Ask the right questions, defend your potential sexual partner during arguments, have their back in firefights, possibly buy them flowers and there’s a decent chance you might end up knocking boots in a variety of ways – heterosexual, homosexual, inter-species… it’s all there for the taking.

God of War
This blood-soaked series has a tradition of featuring some naughty sequences, but this particular one is pretty damn dirrrty. On a mission of legendary proportions, our hero Kratos walks into the chambers of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite and finds her in flagrante delecto with not one but two handmaidens. What’s a muscle-bound massive weapon-carrying dude to do in such a situation? No need to send for the plumber…

Grand Theft Auto 4
While it’s never been shy of explicit content, GTA IV gave players the chance to make love not war (of a sort) by paying for a pixellated lapdance. Just stroll into any of Liberty City’s many houses of ill-repute and, for a reasonable price, you can forget about killing for a moment and revel in the beauty of the digital female form – if that’s your sort of thing.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
How’s this for an utterly superfluous sex scene? Our hero, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, settles in for a well-earned bath after a hard day’s killing and soon ends up in the arms of the really rather forward Caterina Sforza after she offers to wash his back. Guess that’s just the Italian way.

Tomb Raider II
Perhaps more titillating than arousing (not that you should be turned on by any of the entries on this list, you sickos!), this short scene from TR2 sees Lara Croft getting ready for a hot shower after a hard day exploring ancient catacombs. As the player becoming unwilling voyeur, we don’t actually get to see anything untoward because of Lady Croft’s zero-tolerance policy on peeping toms.

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