Mark Webber helmet design

We have a winner! Two months after Mark Webber put out a call to his fans to design a new helmet for him, the Red Bull Racing star has picked out the above design to wear at the Singapore Grand Prix.

From crayon scrawls to polished professional designs, there was a huge range of style and creativity posted on Mark's AussieGrit page on Facebook.

Mark reviewed all 1,118 designs to find a helmet that he would be proud to wear over the course of a race weekend and Aussie Grit is thrilled to announce the winner of the competition is Zlatka Suboticanec, a 17-year-old fan from Croatia.

nullGetty Images for Red Bull Racing

Mark said: “Zlatka’s design was full of energy and really caught my attention with the unique inclusion of the Australian flag into the colour scheme. I’m also pretty impressed with the cartoon version of me on the back, although he has a few less wrinkles than me...

“I’m truly blown away by the number of people that have put in such a huge amount of effort in this promotion. We have had entries from all over the world, from young and old and from all types of artistic talents! It was amazing to see all of the designs that the fans came up with and I’m really thankful for their efforts.”

Zlatka has won a ticket to the Singapore Grand Prix on September 23 to watch Mark wearing the custom-designed helmet on the track.

nullGetty Images for Red Bull Racing

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