Ask any young skateboarder what their dream house might look like and the first thing on their wishlist will be a skatepark. So just imagine their tiny little faces when they see what Philipp Schuster has done to an old Austrian hunting lodge.

With his shock of blonde hair, Austrian skateboarder Philipp Schuster is one of the sport's most recognisable faces. But when skateboarding kids get a load of the Schustervilla, captured below in all its glory, he will quickly become a folk hero.

Schuster's favoured style of skating is street and he's won a cabinet full of trophies, including the European Championship, European Cup and Best Trick at the X Games. Now he's introducing a new discipline – home skating. Which we mean quite literally. 

Welcome to the Schustervilla! 

null© Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Content Pool

Ahead of the big build, Philipp receives the keys to the Red Bull Schustervilla from owners Ms Rauscher and Mr Brunnauer. They can't possibly imagine what their former hunting lodge is about to be turned into… 

null© Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Content Pool

With the help of Red Bull, Philipp Schuster was given everything he needed to transform this lodge near Salzburg into a micro indoor skatepark. And lo, the pro skater has used his in-depth skating knowledge, his muscles and the building materials provided to create one of the coolest skating venues we've ever seen.

null© Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Content Pool

Mini ramps, lips, ledges, countless things to grind on and flip over – it's all in there. The only thing missing as far as we can see is a TV and a bed. 

null© Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Content Pool


null© Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Content Pool

Come rain or shine, Schuster will now be able to skate himself to sleep at the Schustervilla. A word of warning though: if there are any impressionable young skaters out there looking at this thinking they might like to build their own self-constructed obstacles around the house, it's probably best to ask your parents first.

null© Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Content Pool

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