Red Bull Soundclash

Ahead of this weekend's Red Bull Soundclash in Bangalore, India Something Relevant of India and the Call of Pakistan have been winding each other up on Youtube.

In an unparalleled live, four-round musical battle between two bands with diverse sounds, styles and creativity, both acts will have to fulfil creative tasks such as playing covers and taking over songs from their opponents. The winner is determined by the audience‘s applause, which is measured by a decibel meter.

This will be a rare chance to see the Call, who will be making a special trip to participate at Bangalore's E-Zone Club where Rohit Barker will be the MC.

Red Bull Soundclash has received international acclaim from past events hosted in Japan, Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, New Zealand and the Netherlands, with acts such as Shiny Toy Guns, Erykah Badu, Antibalas and The Roots all taking part

Septept Something Relevant formed in Bombay in 2003 and claim to be the one of the best bands in India. They have just released an album Feels Good 2B Live, which showcases their skills as a top-notch live turn and shows the band at the top of their game. For more info go to

The Call are one of Pakistan’s biggest bands, with a succession of endorsements to their name. Originally forming in 1994, their story is something of a saga, which saw them finally get around to releasing a debut album in 2005. They are about to release an as yet untitled follow-up this year. For more details, visit



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