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Spain is through to the World Final

P-20120926-00108_News.jpg Red Bull Thre3styles World Final: Preliminary round 1

For the last ten months, eighteen countries across the globe have been searching for their best Party Rockers.

And last night, it was the turn of the Indian, South African, Argentinan and Spanish contenders to go head to head in the first Red Bull Thre3style World Finals event of the week.

It was a close competition, but the judges eventually gave Spaniard D.Beam the thumbs-up, meaning he'll be up against four other DJs this Saturday at the World Final.

DJ Skip: India

The atmosphere at Chicago's Lincoln Hall was electric as DJ Skip made his way to the decks. Going first in any competiton can be a nerve-wracking experience, but the Indian DJ was cool and confident as he launched in to a set littered with 'Thre3style classics', including an Adele remix, and Run DMC and Aerosmith's Walk This Way, which he seamlessly blended with some Indian music at the 10 minute mark.

Calling upon his technical abilities, he embellished his set with masterful scratching and the clever use of soundbites. Who can resist dropping in the 'I win' line from The Devil's Advocate in a competiton like Thre3style? Certainly not DJ Skip!

Before arriving in the USA, Skip admitted that one of his motivations was to show his peers at home that vinyl and two turntables is just as good for party rocking as a more modern CDJ set up. And last night, he certainly managed it! 

D.Beam: Spain

Next up was Spain's entrant, D.Beam. He gave the audience a taste of what's hot in clubs across Europe right now, serving them a hot plate of bass music by artists including Flux Pavillion and Skrillex. He even managed to give the Red Hot Chilli Peppers a bit of an EDM makeover.

He waited almost a full five minutes before launching in to a scratching routine, which showed the judges, Jazzy Jeff, Skratch Bastid and Cosmo Baker, that his technical ability was equal to his song selection.

D.Beam included Zombie Nation's Kerkenkraft 3000 in the mix, which got the crowd cheering. Cheekily, he finished his set with Aloe Blac's I Need A Dollar, which may, or may not, have convinced the judges to hand him the $1,000 dollar prize money later that night.


Tha Cutt - South Africa

If there was a special prize for feel good factor, it would have gone to South Africa's Tha Cutt. From start to end he had the club on their feet, singing, dancing and shimmying like they were in Studio54.

From the moment he heralded the start of his set with Bel Biv Devoe's 90s classic, Poison, the crowd were ready to go! An incredible Korn remix marked the half way point of his fifteen minutes, before he threw himself headfirst in to a quagmire of lucious disco hits - given an urban Thre3style edge.

The man deserves a medal for his incredible combination of Flo Rida's Low with an accapella Boogie Wonderland.


Hernan Paredes: Argentina  

Buenos Aires  resident Hernan Paredes is no stranger to battles - he's competed in tens of them around the world, including last year's Thre3style World Finals in Vancouver. With twenty years experience under his belt, he was regarded as one of the competitors to keep a close eye on - and last night he showed why.

He had a steely glint in his eye as he positioned himself behind the decks, and within minutes was impressing the judges, other DJs and most crucially, the crowd, with his scratching skills. His set concentrated on hip-hop sounds, and when he dropped DJ Kool's Let Me Clear My Throat, the audience roared with joy.

Despite holding the crowd's attention incredibly well, taking time to enjoy the music by throwing his hands up and relishing every second of his fifteen minutes, it wasn't enough to guarantee him a place in Saturday's World Final.

However, there is still a chance for DJ Skip, Hernan Paredes and Tha Cutt: The judges will be naming two wildcard entrants who will be given a chance to battle for international glory this weekend.

After the drama and adrenaline of the contest, New York's Drop The Lime showed off his singing and mixing skills, and Nordastrom demonstrated why they're the daddies of Moonbahtom.



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