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Before he heads off for the world premiere of The Art of FLIGHT 3D  at the San Sebastian Film Festival on September 28, Travis Rice talks about bringing his critically-lauded film back to the big screen…

The Art Of FLIGHT has already been shown in IMAX, now it’s out in 3D can this movie get any more epic?
You will just have to go and see

What can audiences expect, especially those who have already seen it the first time around?
Seeing the film in 3D is like the difference from watching it on your iPhone to experiencing it on home theatre Blu-ray. I was blown away by how great it looks. It truly is a more evolved and, dare I say, different film in 3D.

In addition to starring in the movie you also serve as executive producer, did you have any input into the 3D transfer?
Yeah, we worked with Venture 3D on making sure all the perspectives were properly represented in the 3D conversion. Curt Morgan and Red Bull Media House really spent some time on getting this thing to come to fruition.

Was it always the plan to release movie in 3D?
It was a plan that kind of evolved along with the production of the film. We weren't sure it was going to happen but Curt prepared a lot of the shots and scenes to work better in a 3D format.

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It’s a beautifully shot movie and the action is incredible, how will the 3D bring us even further into the action?
It takes you in. It really highlights the level of cinematography and depth of feel that Curt Morgan and Brain Farm were able to achieve while shooting the film. It really just enhances the experience, plain and simple.

Are you a fan of 3D movies yourself?
I am a fan of well-done 3D. There is a lot of junk in the world of 3D, as there are so many different ways of both shooting and showcasing it. Brain Farm, Red Bull and Venture 3D put a lot of energy into making this 3D project as good as it could be - and literally headache free.

The Art Of FLIGHT 3D will be receiving its world premiere alongside Storm Surfers 3D at the San Sebastian Film Festival, how do you think it will be received by audiences?
Well honestly I had my doubts through the process and when I finally was able to sit down for the initial viewing, I couldn't believe how smooth and rich the conversion that was performed became. I really think, whether repeat viewers or virgins, audiences are going to seriously enjoy this!

You’ve already got a range of clothing and accessories, are there plans to release some Travis Rice-branded 3D glasses?
Oh yes, been working on them for years! I have some amazing glasses that I designed with Quiksilver optics, They work incredibly well throughout your entire days… true 3D immersion. Best take them off at the theatre though!



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