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When the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour stopped off in Sao Paulo this month, Brazilian revellers were treated to a meeting of Latin musical movements, beginning with a workshop at Escola Sao Paulo followed by a mammoth outdoor concert at Victor Civita Square.

Among the DJs, bands and producers at the event was Mexican-born producer Rebolledo, who represents the sound of the clubbing underground via his label-home Còmeme and their BumBumBox street parties, both run by DJ firebrand (and recent Battles guest vocalist) Matías Aguayo. They boast a quirky, carefree electronic undercurrent with a nod to South American rhythms and primitive techno sounds.

Following the huge freebie party, we asked him for some insider knowledge on the Sao Paulo nightlife scene and what his label family is all about.

Firstly, how was the Red Bull Music Academy event in Sao Paulo?
It was great. The rain could not stop the dancing! Brazilians are natural born party people and they know how to have a good time, so the dancefloor was full on. And on Saturday we had a workshop in which we could share our experiences with other musicians and a super-fun jam with the other guests of the party. I had a blast listening and dancing to the Brazilian band, Bixiga 70, which was super-funky and the skills of all the members were great. The brass ensemble was amazing: the tightness and groove from the drummer was just perfect, and all this in combination with two extra percussionists, strings and keys created a beautiful musical formula.

The event was about bringing South American’s freshest musical movements together – tell us about the scene you are involved in.
Well, I don’t know if it qualifies as a movement, but our label is formed by people from different places in Latin America and has caught the attention in different circles for being quite fresh and unique. Cómeme is not about trying to sound like Latin music or about trying to fit into some scene or genre; it is about doing music we like to dance to. And even though each one of us on the label has a different style, you can sense that there’s a common, Latin-influenced, fun and free spirit on our productions.

null Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Which exciting new DJs and producers are coming through in South America at the moment?
My favorite new guy is Philip Gorbachev, who just released his first EP on Cómeme. He’s really talented and has a very good understanding of the effect of the music on the body and the mind, so he uses this to create wonderful music.

What is your favourite Sao Paulo club?
I haven’t been to D-Edge yet, which every body tells me I’m gonna love, but a party called VoodooHop, which I had the honour to be guest at recently, is just amazing. They don’t have a regular venue, they are always changing, so it is pure underground madness: people dress up especially for the night according to the party’s theme and they just let go.

What is your favourite track to play at the moment that best represents what you are about?
Legs by Pachanga Boys, which has not yet been released. I just can’t get enough of it and it describes all my essence.

You’re from Mexico but your label, Còmeme, is based in Argentina – what do you bring from both countries to the label?
I don’t really know if it’s correct to strictly say that Cómeme is based in Argentina. The BumBumBox parties, which started there originally, were the trigger for Cómeme to be born, but all the members are spread all over different places. Matías and Gary Pimiento, who run the label, live in Berlin and Buenos Aires respectively; Kompakt in Cologne does part of the administration and logistics; and its artists are from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and most recently Germany and even Russia.

Your debut album, Super Vato, is coming out on October 24. What can we expect?
Action, reaction and dancefloor attraction.

I get the impression from your videos and music that you have a fun-loving and good sense of humour. Is there enough of that in dance music at the moment?
I just like having a good time, and sometimes this is reflected in what I do. I don’t know if music nowadays needs more of a sense of humour or not, but it really doesn’t need to be any more nerdy and stiff.

Rebolledo’s debut album, Super Vato, is out on Cómeme on October 24.

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