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In this week’s Red Bull Gaming Blog, Glen Ferris gets his hands on The Dark Knight Rises smartphone game, plus some news about F1 2012 and F1 Race Stars…

The Dark Knight Rises - Review

Either because of the unbeatable success of the Arkham series or the general crudeness of movie tie-in titles, it’s not surprising that a Dark Knight Rises game won’t be heading to a console to you anytime soon.

Such a hit have been Rocksteady’s Batman adventures and so unprofitable have movie games become (so much so that a game based on The Dark Knight was shelved early in development) that Warner Bros. seem happy to let the marketing opportunity pass them by.

Well, almost.

Although we won’t be seeing a digitised version of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy concluder on a 360/PS3/Wii anytime soon, mobile game developers Gameloft have been allowed to knock out a game for smartphones.

Sticking with their general propensity for cloning other, better titles, Gameloft have decided to shrink down and simplify Arkham City, a direction that can only be described as a double-edged sword.

You see, in every possible way this is an inferior replication of one of the best games in recent years. But the fact that it’sdone on a touchscreen mobile device – riddled with glitches as it may be – is an undeniably impressive feat.

The game follows the movie very closely, which we won’t spoil here in case you’re one of the handfull of people left on the planet who haven’t seen it yet. Suffice to say, it’s firmly set in the real-world Nolan-verse and there’s lots of flitting around a sandbox Gotham looking for stolen pearls, weaponised nuclear devices and the like.

Much in the same way as Arkham City, The Dark Knight Rises is chockfull of fighting action, sneaky stealthiness and enough power-ups to clog the Bat Cave. Unlike Arkham City however, The Dark Knight Rises lacks the cutting-edge graphics, eye-bleeding combat and sheer epic scale, hampered as it is by the limitations of its platform.

That’s not to say this isn’t a remarkable achievement for a mobile game, it’s just in comparison to a slice of digital perfection (one that, if you ask us, managed to present Batman in an infinitely more compelling and cinematic way than the latest Nolan movie) it fails to measure up.

If you’re looking for a perfectly entertaining mobile game though, you could do far worse. Fuelled as it is with a single attack button, it’s hardly the most challenging title ever (and the least said about the awful camera system the better) but, thanks to some nice PS2-era graphics, an array of land and air vehicles to play with and an impressive (if slightly empty) open-world Gotham to rappel across there’s plenty of fun to be found here.

Byte-Sized News

There’s a double helping of F1-related gaming tidbits this week as Codemasters go petrol-head crazy with two new tarmac-loving titles.


null© Codemasters

 First up, the cover art for the very much anticipated F1 2012 has been released and it features none other than Red Bull Racing’s RB8 on the cover.


Vettel and Webber’s vehicle of choice is one of four shortlisted to appear on a series of covers when the game is released in September this year – the others being Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Lotus.

The latest addition to Codemasters’ Formula One gaming portfolio is rather less realistic in its approach. F1 Race Stars is an arcade racing game that leaves real-world simulations in the pit to show World Champion Sebastian Vettel and rivals Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso as you’ve never seen them before.

Set to career around over-the-top tracks built for super-charged speed (based on Monaco, Silverstone and the Circuit of Americas, albeit with rather more vertiginous turns than we’re normally used to), the cartoonised icons will be available to play later this year on Xbox 360 and PS3

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