Action from Brno © GEPA pictures/ Gold and Goose/ David Goldman

Go behind the scenes and into the paddock with Toby Moody, who brings us all the news and gossip from the Czech MotoGP in Brno…

Fighting talk
Naughty boy Nicolas Ajo had to watch his bike being ridden by someone else for the second time this year after he was banned for taking a swing at the rider who knocked him off at Indianapolis. It could be worse though, he now has a new nickname among the teenage tearaways of the Moto3 class: Rocky.

Car-less world

Commentary can be a dangerous game. Czech TV’s MotoGP man Josef Kubicek also runs a team in the World Supersport Championship. That meant he had to get himself from the new Moscow track back to Brno overnight on Saturday to talk to a lot of his fellow countrymen about Karel Abraham and co. So he got a lift to Moscow airport, leaving the hire car with his team. He discovered this was a bad idea at the airport when the absence of a car to give back resulted in handcuffs being applied. Thankfully Josef made it home in time for the broadcast.


To cap it all off…
Andrew Northcott is one of the best photographers in the MotoGP paddock, but his dress sense leaves a lot to be desired. The Australian snapper has lived in the UK, but now resides in Spain and Texas, which explains his latest fashion faux pas. At first glance the Dallas Cowboys cap appears to be a nod to his adopted hometown. Confirmation comes when you see the bottle opener built into the peak.

Good times

Jonathon Rea made an overnight dash from Moscow raceway to test Casey Stoner’s bike at Brno on the Monday after the GP. His first reaction to the RC213V? “I’m having fun!”


Walking tall
There is no getting away from it, the Czech Republic has a large population of very elegant, attractive ladies. Even Spanish TV presenters find themselves in the shade here.


Follow the leader

Scott Redding is fed up of people following him in Moto2 qualifying, so he's taken a tip from Jorge Lorenzo. The MotoGP champ's pit crew have a picture of a child's tricycle that goes on the pitboard when Jorge is being followed – usually by Hector Barbera. So Scott now has a cartoon of a sheep's face that goes on his board when people follow him. Like sheep. Geddit?


Eastern front
You know you're a long way east at Brno and there are echoes of the old days everywhere including the architecture and some of the transport, although there's now a sad dearth of old Skodas. There is something very eastern bloc, though, in the sight of a cleaning lady vacuuming the rostrum every morning.


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