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The Thre3style World Finals are coming to Chicago!

thre3style crowd.jpg

The city known for pioneering house music, Chicago is hosting the Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals in 2012. The Windy City is thrilled to bring the best DJs in the world together from September 24 - 29 for a competition unlike any other - and a party that will never be forgotten.

During September will be your number one destination for finding out what country is battling who throughout a week of exhilarating events.

A city immersed in musical legend, where masters of blues, house, rock, jazz and hip hop have tred, Chicago offers the perfect backdrop for the world’s foremost party rockin’ DJ competition.

Every night of the Thre3style World Finals promises something different. From the musical styles of the fighting disc spinners, to the location of the battles themselves - the only thing that is for certain is that come Saturday 29th September, there will only be one winner, one Red Bull Thre3style World Champion 2012!

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